While oil waste and other chemical wastes are harmful to both human life and the environment, its incumbent upon individuals and all stakeholders to play a role in the sound management of chemical wastes since wastes are part and parcel of the industry and cannot be easily avoided.

NAPE’s Senior Programme Officer-Administration, Energy, Climate Change and Chemical Management Kamese Geoffrey while addressing trainees during Awareness raising workshop on sound Chemical management at Riviera Hotel in Hoima, said Poor disposal of chemical and oil wastes in the present situation is hazardous to human life and Environment due to lack of community awareness on Chemical management.

Kamese explained that Plastics were few in the past years than in the present and were disposed of easily but presently, not every house hold has Composite pits and the number of polythene bags has increased making waste management inevitable.

 “Wastes should be carefully handled because the way they are generated is not the same since Population growth has increased, the rate of waste generation is high provided that the number of polythene bags, plastics and other wastes have increased” said Kamese.

He further elaborated that minimizing the amount of waste we generate is important because it cuts costs of disposal and recycling, helps to conserve resources and minimize pollution which is successful through Reusing strategy by donating used items to charity, reusing boxes, papers, plastic and wrapping paper, buying groceries in bulk.

To raise awareness on the challenges associated with oil wastes and other chemical wastes, communities should share knowledge on sound chemical Management which also help generate home grown ideas and approaches on managing chemicals and how communities can contribute towards alleviating possible waste management challenges.

However, it’s noted that the responsibility lies in the hands of Community members to engage their leaders on waste management challenges by articulating issues as community members are always emotional when it comes to establishment of dumpsites meant for proper disposal of garbage. 

Story By Dorcus Drijaru


Community members of Ijumangabo, Butimba Village, Kiziranfumbi Sub-county, and Hoima District have sought guidance from the Hoima Resident District commissioner (RDC) over Land grabbing threats received from Reserve Force Veterans coordinated by Sergeant Peter Bagonza who claim ownership of part of their land.

In a letter addressed to the RDC with a subject line “RE-VISIT TO IJUMANGABO RESERVE FORCE POLITICAL WING SCHEDULED FOR 25TH AUGUST 2107”, signed by Sgt. Bagonza Peter indicates that the purpose of the visit to the land located in Kiziranfumbi Sub-county by the Reserve Force Veterans on 25th August 2017 was to solely check on the Force’s projects, talk to the people settling on and around it then start utilizing it for their Projects.

Butimba village, being near the proposed site for the oil refinery is a hotspot for land grabbing.  Butimba LC1 Chairman Samuel Tugumisirize says Ijumangabo area has no Local Council Chairperson though the letter is duplicated to Ijumangabo LC1 and the land in question was only functional in the 1990s when the Police hired it to carryout trainings locally known as “Muchaka-Muchaka”.

Reverend Fred Musimenta the Butimba sustainability village community Educator said that the RDC hadassuredthem that the Reserve force Veterans have no legal ownership of Ijumangabo area land.

“The RDC told us that as Butimba residents we surround anyone who trespasses and we call him to take action.

The Hoima Resident District CommissionerStephen Ekom confirmed to have received Objection from Butimba community members about the Ijumangabo land grabbing threats by Reserve Force veterans advising them on how to handle the matter if there are more actions by the perpetrators but refuted claims of having any knowledge about the said visit in a letter addressed to him.

“There is no area in Butimba village reserved for any Government project as claimed by Reserve Force Veterans Coordinator Sgt. Peter Bagonza, he is only duping people but I advised the residents on what to do” Nyakahuma clarified.

Sgt.Bagonza when reached for a comment said its true Ijumangabo has part of the land bordered by Ijumangabo River supplied by River Wambabya in Butimba village “political wing” which was hired for “Muchaka Muchaka” in 1990s but remained in the hands of Government he was silent about the next date of the planned visited, he still stood on his point of Government project start up on the said land.

This acts as a milestone for NAPE since Butimba village in Kiziranfumbi Sub-county is one of NAPE’s Sustainability school program area of Advocacy,the Sustainability School Program initiated by NAPE as one of its project, advocates for strong Communities that fight for their rights.

Story by Dorcus Drijaru