On 11th June, the Omukama of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I, marked the 23rd coronation anniversary where he was commemorating the day he was enthroned. He was enthroned on June 11, in 1994 after cultural institutions that had been abolished in 1967 were restored.

In attendance was the Ankole Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr. George William Katatumba who was accompanied by a delegation of youths from Ankole. Speaking to Community Green Radio shortly before proceeding to the function, the premier Katatumba expressed disappointment on government’s refusal to officially restore Ankole Kingdom as it has done to other Kingdoms and also failure to return its assets.

 Mr. Katatumba said failure by the government to restore the kingdom has negatively impacted on Banyankole cultural practices and language; calling for concerted efforts to actively advocate for the kingdom restoration.

“I am disappointed by the government’s refusal to restore our kingdom. We need to promote Ankole Culture like other Kingdoms in Uganda. However, this can best be done if the government returns the kingdom assets like the regalia which is a symbol of cultural heritage. That’s why I want my fellow Banyankole especially the energetic youth to join me in advocating for restoration and demanding for the kingdom property,” he said.

For 50 years now, the defunct Ankole Kingdom has been in dilemma of when to regain her kingship and recognition from government. However, the Kingdom premier is optimistic that the kingdom will at one time be restored since other kingdoms have been restored.

“As one of the measures to restore the Kingdom, we petitioned the constitutional court in 2010 to compel government to restore the kingdom as provided by the 1995 constitution and government to return the kingdom property like land and other cultural sites. The case is still in court,” he noted

Meanwhile the Omukama Gafabusa Iguru, while addressing his subjects asked also government to accelerate the process of returning all the kingdom properties like land, former kingdom county and sub county headquarters, and royal hunting areas among others.

This year’s coronation anniversary was held under the theme, “Culture for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental protection.”

Related to the theme, National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) has been working with Bunyoro communities to revive indigenous seeds and best farming practices for sustainable agriculture, promote culture and promote planting of indigenous trees for environmental protection in the era of oil production.

Mr. Frank Muramuzi, the Executive Director for National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) said cultural heritage is one of the best ways of protecting the environment.

“Any society with no culture is non-progressive society even in environmental protection terms. That’s why I cherish full restoration of Ankole Kingdom with its cultures,” he noted