Unregulated use of chemicals partly responsible for environmental degradation

Excessive use of synthetic chemicals is responsible for Environmental degradation. The increased use of chemicals is attributed to high population growth, industrialization and people’s tendency of adapting use of items containing chemicals for survival.

National Association for Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) Senior Programme Officer in charge of Chemical Management Mr. Kamese Geoffrey says majority of the population use products containing chemicals that are hazardous to the surrounding.

 “Chemicals are part of our lives but we should avoid using them through implementing proper procedures of dealing with them and applying Environmental friendly ways especially when disposing off wastes like polythene bags, plastics and other wastes” says Kamese.

Mr. Kamese elaborates that Chemicals can enter the air, water, and soil when they are produced, used or disposed and their impact on the environment is determined by the amount of the chemical that is released, the type and concentration.

The Environment is ruined through different chemical products we use that act as pollutants on air, water and soil when wastes are disposed of, plus other daily activities like cultivation, grazing and industrialization that require organic measures to control destruction of the surrounding.

“It’s true that items we use have chemicals which we don’t know and may affect our lives unknowingly because of the air we inhale, the Environment is contaminated through air pollution by fumigation, burning wastes which we must avoid” says Murungi Diana of Kiganda village, Kahoora division in Hoima Municipality.

The National Environment Act 1995 stipulates the adoption of standard criteria for the classification of hazardous wastes with regard to determining extremely hazardous, corrosive, carcinogenic and flammable wastes, and set guidelines for the management of each category of hazardous waste determined.

Story compiled by Dorcus Drijaru