NAPE rooting for energy saving technologies Kalangala Islands

The National Association of Professional Environmentalists, NAPE will continue to work with communities in Kalangala Islands to expand knowledge on the use of charcoal/firewood saving stoves as a way of conserving the environment.

Mr. Allan Kalangi, the NAPE Sustainability School Manager says these technologies will ease the pressure on the available tree cover in the area.
NAPE is already partnering with the communities in the area particularly through Bujumba Sustainability Development Association, BUSIDA to facilitate the establish energy saving means of cooking. Currently, over ten homes in Bujumba village are using energy-saving stokes.

Salongo Gyagenda Jim Jim, the Chairperson BUSIDA says their Partnership with NAPE is fruitful and hopes for even greater results.

“So far so good. Our working relationship with NAPE is producing amazing results and going forward, a lot is going to change positively in Kalangala Islands”, explained Gyagenda.

ENERGY-SAVING: A sample of the energy saving cooking points being established by communities in Kalangala with help from NAPE.

Kalangala is facing an increasing loss of forest cover especially arising out of oil palm growing that is sometimes grown at Buffer zones. In 1998, BIDCO acquired 10,000 hectares of land on Bugala Island from government to plant palm trees.

Kalangala district is richly endowed with tropical forest resources covering 221.5 square kilometres(49) of the total land area; out of which 6.2 square kilometres of the forested area has been degraded due to the impact of human activity(source: Kalangala District Local Government State of environment Report 2005)