Communities neighboring the proposed oil refinery in Hoima root for environmental conservation through tree planting

As communities in the Albertine region continue to grapple with adverse effects of Climate change, communities in Kiziranfumbi Sub County in Hoima district have stepped up mitigating efforts through tree planting.

The Albertine region is currently a hotspot for environmental degradation after the 2006 discovery of oil and gas, prompting speculators to attack the natural resources for prior investments.

Such a scenario presents symptoms of fear for the future following the hectic era of industrial processes, which have seen the Mother Earth evolve from the natural green cover, to a barely naked pot of rocks and sand that is not so conducive for living things.

It is from this background that the affected communities from Butimba sustainability conservation Association (BUSUCA) in Kiziranfumbi sub-county in Hoima district have embarked on a tree planting campaign to mitigate the climate change effects.

Jessica Buteraba community Educator at BUSUCA says some 40 years back when the hills and valleys were still green with forest cover; the seasons were reliable because the eco-systems were balanced.

She says after realizing the gap caused by human activities, they have now embarked on tree planting campaign amid land shortage challenges.
Rev. Fred Musiimenta, the chairperson of BUSUCA says an idea to plant indigenous trees was reached at by the members after thinking about problems affecting the surrounding Environment in Butimba and Wambabya River line.

He says many trees were cut down mainly to provide poles for timber, creation of space for cultivation and fuel for firewood.NAPE’s Sustainability school program Manager-Allan Kalangi vastly applauded the activities implemented by BUSUCA members but also encouraged other villages to engage in sustainable agriculture which is needed for genuine development.

“Sustainability is made from different development activities like farming, Apiary, planting indigenous trees “said Kalangi.

Written by Dorcus Drijaru